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KlasRobinson Q.E.D. emphasizes hands-on, client-oriented consulting, based on our founding principles:


The principals of KlasRobinson Q.E.D., Jim Klas and Matt Robinson, have been at the forefront of economic developmental and financial analysis throughout their careers. Our comprehensive approach ensures accountability through the direct, absolute and exclusive involvement of the principals in each project, including meetings, market research, analysis, report writing and presentation.  We have unique expertise and unsurpassed experience in Indian gaming and economic development on tribal lands. With well over 40 years of combined experience, including 18 years working together, we bring seasoned judgment and proven reliability to all of our engagements.


James M. Klas

Founder & Principal

Direct line: 612-325-5812
Direct fax: 952-888-0707

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Matthew S. Robinson

Founder & Principal

Direct line: 612-802-3269
Direct fax: 651-487-0366

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