The principals of KlasRobinson Q.E.D., Jim Klas and Matt Robinson, have been at the forefront of economic developmental and financial analysis throughout their careers. We have unique expertise and unsurpassed experience in Indian gaming and economic development on tribal lands, having worked with over 200 tribes. Our experience includes such diverse projects as casinos, racetracks, riverboats, hotels, resorts, condos, timeshare, RV parks, golf courses, waterparks, spas, fitness centers, convention centers, nightclubs, brewpubs, restaurants, gas station/c-stores, truckstops, outlet malls, big box retail, grocery stores, cinemas, entertainment venues, bowling alleys, arcades, cruise ships, banks, office complexes, daycare, ski and snowboard parks, equestrian centers, ice arenas, mini-storage, hunting preserves and more.

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