Market & Feasibility Studies
How big? How nice? How much? What amenities? Will it make enough money? Will it attract financing? KlasRobinson has answered these questions for the development projects of over 200 different Tribes and many non-tribal clients. We’ve helped our clients justify almost $10.0 billion dollars in successful financing. Just as important, we’ve saved our clients hundreds of millions of dollars by telling them when their projects won’t work as planned and helping them find viable alternatives.

Impact Studies
Profits aren’t the only issue. How many jobs will be created? How much spending in the local economy? What about taxes, revenue sharing, tourism, multiplier effects? What will the impact be if the current legal or operating environment change? You need to tell your story. We know how to help. Relevant answers, defensible numbers, clear explanations, meaningful context and written and public presentations that stand up to scrutiny are the hallmarks of impact analyses by KlasRobinson Q.E.D.

Economic Development & Diversification
You have a casino, now what? You don’t have a casino, what else can you do? KlasRobinson has helped tribes and non-tribal clients across the country evaluate such diverse projects as hotels, resorts, condos, timeshare, RV parks, golf courses, waterparks, spas, fitness centers, convention centers, nightclubs, brewpubs, restaurants, gas station/c-stores, truckstops, outlet malls, big box retail, grocery stores, cinemas, entertainment venues, bowling alleys, arcades, cruise ships, banks, office complexes, daycare, ski and snowboard parks, equestrian centers, ice arenas, mini-storage, and hunting preserves. From individual projects to long-range master planning, whether a unique investment opportunity on or off the reservation, we can help.

Other Services
Clear, responsive, timely and effective, KlasRobinson uses the same research, analytical and communications skills from our project and industry studies to help clients with unique problems and long-term strategies in a constantly shifting marketplace.  Other services include:

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